The weather Fairies have a very impoprtant job, both on Fairyland and in the human world. They control the weather, without them the world falls into chaos! Kirsty and Rachel are chosen to help these fairies on a very important mission!


  • Crystal the Snow Fairy
  • Abigail the Breeze Fairy
  • Pearl the Cloud Fairy
  • Goldie the Sunshine Fairy
  • Evie the Mist Fairy
  • Storm the Lightning Fairy
  • Hayley the Rain Fairy

Powers and JobsEdit

Their job is to help Doodle the Weather Cockerel, everymorning he goes up to the highest tower of Fairyland and turns to see each part of Fairyland and then decides what weather would suit each part on that day. Aftert this, he then calls the fairy suited to the weather he has chosen, those fairies then take their feather from his tail and sort the weather, before returning the feathers to him when they're done.

Story SummaryEdit

The Weather Fairies and doodles powers creates balance and peace in the weather of Fairyland and the human world. When Jack Frost orders his goblins to steal Doodles feathers, King Oberon and Queen Titania enlist the help of Rachel and Kirsty to help get them back! For without the feathers Doodle is powerless, and becomes a mere rusty weather vane, and the weather in the human world becomes strange and uncontrollable.Together they must find seven of the weather feathers, but it won't be easy! Unless they succeed the entire human world and fairy world will fall into climate chaos!