The Rainbow fairies are the first group of fairies seen in the Rainbow Magic series. Kirsty and Rachel find the fairies scattered around Rainspell island, their holiday location, and help the fairies on a mission to bring colour back to fairyland!


AW J Rainbow Story

Powers and JobsEdit

The rainbow fairies powers consist of their colour, each fairy has power over a colour of the rainbow. Their job is to bring colour to our world and their own, Fairyland. they each have fairy dust, and their own mgic wands.

Story SummaryEdit

The rainbow fairies are in charge of sending out invitations to King Oberon and Quen Titania's ball. Whilst giving out the invitations they accidentally forget to invite Jack Frost, the coldest, meanest person in all of Fairyland. As revenge, Jack Frost casts a spell on the Rainbow fairies, causing them to be sent to every corner of the human world, which causes Fairyland to lose all its colour. Whilst the fairies are being blown from Fairyland, Queen Titania casts a spell to keep them together, and safe in a pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow. The fairies end up in a magical place in the human world called Rainspell Island, but each fairy was thrown from the pot causing them to be scattered across the island, lost and alone. Kirsty and Rachel, two friends on holiday on the island find the pot, which has Ruby trapped inside. Together they free Ruby and set out to find the other six fairies, they have six days to do this, or the rainbow fairies will fade, and Fairyland will lose its colour permanently. Rainbow fairy books are truly magical and are a true wonder for young readers. Kirsty and Rachel always have fun when meeting a new fairy and going on an adventure.

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