Goblin pv

The Goblins are ugly green creatures who serve Jack Frost and like to cause problems to the fairies.


The goblins have green skin, pointy ears, and long nose and feet. They wear brown clothing. In the seiries, they are a lot of goblins that live in Goblin Grotto compared to the film Return to Rainspell Island, there are only three Goblins name Newton, Edison, and Leonardo (who have names of famous inventors and sciencists).

In the film each goblin have different personality and wearing the same outfits that differs in the book.

- Newton is fat goblin who is dumb and is always hungry. There is always objects such as a stereo, a dumbbell, a saxophone, when he saw Ruby the red fairy (who was falling because she was bumped by Kirsty's winged pony that is brought to life from Kirtsty's amulet.) and splat she was falling on Newton's head.

-Edison is a skinny goblin who is arguing with Leonardo about who inventing is better and who's idea is better.

-Leonardo is a skinny goblin who arguing with Edison about the invention was his ideas.

The goblins wears a white T-Shirt with a lighting bolt on it along with purple shorts in the film.


The goblins was mischievous, sneaky, and like to play unfair. They like to created troubles for the fairies. They are also not very smart.

In the film there are traits that are featured and mentioned in some of the sences

  • Ruby mentioned that the goblins always raided the gardens of Fairyland
  • The goblin are seen stealing carrots and oranges.
  • When the fairies caught the goblins spying, and shout the word, the goblins would say "where? Oh you mean us."

The goblins also wanted to impress Jack Frost by catching the fairies that are 'meddling' in his way.

  • At the beggining of the film, the goblins built an invetion that is called a us or uk fairy catcher and it works on catching uk or us fairies the first two fairies they catch is Saffron and Izzy.
  • In the middle of the film, the goblins almost suceed in capturing the remaining fairies that escaped to the Human World.