Rachel and Kirsty had to scare off some ice-skating goblins to rescue Sky from a frozen rockpool. Sky was so cold her rainbow sisters needed to form a fairy ring to bring back her sparkle and colour. 


Sky has pale skin, and blonde, short, curled hair. She wears a strapless blue dress, with knee-high blue boots. She wears a spiky silver crown, necklace and armlets, as well as star earrings. Her wings are large and almost square-like.


(left to right: Amber, Saffron, Fern, Sky)

In the film 'Return to Rainspell Island' Sky looks almost identical to her book self only in an anime style art. Her crown is also blue instead of silver.


In the books, Sky seems very quiet and shy. She rarely speaks only smiles and nods or shrugs. When she does speak her voice is very quiet and almost whispery.

In the film she is still quiet and shy but she seems much more artistic, creating cloud shapes and organising flowers. She also have a thing for fashion.


  • Sky is the fifth Rainbow magic fairy to be found
  • Her fairy dust has sparkling stars in it
  • When fairies form a fairy ring, their magic joins together to become very powerful
  • Sky is voiced by Emily Dormer in the film