Saffron is the yellow Rainbow faiy. She is the third book in the rainbow fairies collection and of course the third fairy Rachel and Kirsty come across on Rainspell Island.


In the books Saffron looks rather small (even considering she's a fairy) and has light but slightly tanned coloured skin. She has short blonde hair. She wears a yellow T-Shirt with an oange butterfly printed onto it, and short yellow shorts with another orange buterfly. Her shoes (sneakers) are yellow and have laces. She wears two bracelets and  necklace, all of which are beaded. Her wings are long and curved, almost like a stretched egg shape.

AW J Rainbow Story
In the movie 'Return to Rainspell island' Saffron is paler, and has a full fringe along with neater hair. Her necklace and bracelets aren't beaded and she has only one butterfly on her shorts, not on her T-Shirt. She is also seen wearing dark brown leggings under her shorts in the film and her sneakers look more like small ankle-boots with brown laces.


In the books Saffron is very kind and rather timid, she enjoys company, even from animals. In the book 'Saffron the yellow fairy' she befriends a queen bee named Queenie who leaves her hive to live with Saffron and her sisters. She forgets her wand by a bird bath which may point towards the fact she's slightly clumsy and forgetful.

In the movie, he seems quite different to her book self, she is very smart, constantly reading a book. She enjoys sharing facts with anyone she meets.


  • Safron is first seen in the third Rainbow magic book.
  • Her fairy dust has butterflies in it.
  • Her name is a type of spice.