Ruby is a rainbow fairy, the fairy of the colour red. She was the first fairy to meet Rachel and Kirsty on Rainspell Island, 'Ruby the Red fairy' is also the name of the first book in the Rainbow Magic series.


In the books, Ruby has golden hair, which she wears in two plaits, in her hair she has a headband and hair decoration made of red roses and leaves. . She wears a red dress with frill sleeves, and red ballet slippers with red ribbon trailing up her legs. She wears a rose necklace and a beaded bracelet. Her wings are thin and are white with a red tint. She has slightly pale skin but rosy red cheeks.


In the movie 'Return to Rainspell island' she looks very similar to her book self only with less decoration in the hair and in an anime-style art.


In the books, she is a very determined and enthusiastic character. She wants things done as soon as possible. She seems to be the leader of her sisters the rainbow fairies, and might quite possibly be the eldest.  She builds a home for herself and her sisters inside the pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow. The other rainbow fairies point out it is 'just like our home back at fairyland' this might mean that Ruby is very handy, and might mother the other rainbow fairies a little.

In the movie she is still determined and enthusiastic but she seems a lot tougher than she was in the book. When Jack Frost first attacks the fairies at the beginning of the film, Ruby stands in front of them all, arms spread to protect them. Again she seems to be the 'leader' of the group.


  • She appears in the first book and is the first fairy Rachel and Kirsty meet.
  • In the movie she is voiced by Emily Dormer who also voices Sky.
  • Her name comes from a type of red gemstone.
  • Her fairy dust has Roses in it.
  • She seems to be in charge of the other rainbow fairies