Not everyone sees fairies, but there are two girls who do! Rachel Walker is one of these girls. Rachel lives in Tippington town with her parents and her dog Buttons. She seems like your everyday girl, but she shares her a secret with he best friend Kirsty Tate, who are friends with fairies and can even transform into fairies themselves! Rachel is 12 years old and her birthday is on the 16th of September.


In the books Rachel has blonde hair, and usually wears pink clothing. Her skin is light, and she wears her hair up in a pony tail, leaving a side fringe. She seems to be quite girly.

In the movie 'Return to Rainspell Island' Rachel has blonde hair which she wears down.


Rachel is a curious girl who likes looking for adventure. However she sometimes relys on Kirsty as she is the braver one. She is very friendly and fun-loving, and is also quite sporty and active. when she's older Rachel would like to be eiher a sports teacher ,an actress, a dress maker, a chef, a footballer, a runner or all six. Rachel hates school, and what gets her through the day is dreaming about her fairy friends.

In the movie, Rachel is seen as unpopular at school, and is mocked when Lydia and her gang hear her and Kirsty talking about fairies. She takes things to heart and is easily embarassed.