The evil Jack Frost is a nightmare to all fairies! He is in charge of th season Winter, but when Winter is over Jack becomes bored, and when Jack is bored he becomes dangerous. When the rainbow fairies accidentally forgot to invite him to King Oberon and Queen Titania's midsummer ball, Jack became jealous and angry, causing him to cast a spell on fairyland taking away all its colour and joy, and the rainbow fairies, casting them away to seven corners of the human world, it was only thanks to Queen Titania that they were able to stay together on Rainspell Island. This is where they met Rachel and Kirsty and the story began!


In the books, Jack has a long nose, and ice blue skin along with spiky white icicle-like hair and a beard. He has long, pointy, bony fingers. He wears a long sleeved ice blue jumper which is spiked along the waist, dark blue tights, long spiked shoes, and an ice coloured cape.

In the film 'Return to Rainspell Island' Jack has paler skin, and darker hair and beard which are slightly longer. His ears are also much larger. His hands are less spiked. He wears a dark coloured robe with a dark purple inside and carries a #n ice wand (which is longer than the Rainbow Fairies) which he has not got in the books but in the series.


He is both evil and hilarious. Jack Frost may be a villain, but he is foolish at that, making silly mistakes and always losing to the fairies. He is easily hurt, and gets very jealous. He has the goblins as minions. He constantly causes grief for the fairies.


  • His Ice wand which he does not have in the books are a source of his powers in the film
  • Jack Frost is the main villain throughout the entire stories
  • He nearly melted in the 7th book!
  • Jack Frost is a real myth which a few people believe in.....just like fairies!