Izzy's adventure takes place in the land of Sweets, in this adventure the girls and Izzy meet the sugarplum fairy, elves, gingerbread men, and travel in a pink bubblegum balloon.


Izzy has darker skin compared to the other rainbow fairies, and has her hair cut into short with a full fringe. She wears a purple jacket and purple jeans along with a bluey belt. Her sleeves and trousers are turned up. Her shoes are a purple/blue coloured pair of sneakers. She also wears a silver necklace. Her wings are quite large and are tinted purple.

AW J Rainbow Story
In the film, her skin is much paler, and her hair is more blue than balck. Aside from those two factors she looks rather similar to the book design.


In the books, she is quite troublesome, causing mischief wherever she goes. This happens in the land of sweets when she turns the lemonade indigo, and a gingerbread man's bowtie indigo.

In the film, she seems very interested in music, something which was never mentioned in the books. She seems to be the rebel of the group, and she didn't talk much in the movie.


  • Izzy is the only rainbow fairy who's adventure took place away from Rainspell Island.
  • Izzy's magic turns everything she touches indigo.
  • Her fairy dust has ink in it.
  • In the US, her name was changed to 'Inky the Indigo fairy'