Rachel and Kirsty had to reunite Heather with her Rainbow sisters before their holiday on Rainspell Island came to an end. Luckily, a magical ride on a Merry-Go-Round led them right to the violet fairy.


In the books Heather has blonde hair which is wavy and worn down, but clipped to the side with flowers. She wears a flowing violet dress, light violet stockings and violet dolly shoes. Her wings are rounded and tinted violet.

AW J Rainbow Story
In the film 'Return to Rainspell Island' Heather looks exactly as she does in the books only in anime style and with a light lavender necklace instead of violet.


In the books Heather seems a very calm, sensitive and peaceful character. She can also be said to be a quick-thinker, such as when she quickly thinks up a spell to capture Jack Frost inside a violet bubble.

In the film, Heather is the first fairy we see shortly after Rachel and Kirsty have rescued her. She seems very timid and quiet in the film, but also calmand peaceful due to her love of meditation. At the begining of the film, Heather appears to dislike loud noises.


  • Heather's fairy dust contains violet blossoms
  • She is named after a type of flower
  • Heather's magic allows her to create fizzing lilac bubbles
  • She is the last in the rainbow fairies series
  • This is the first book Rachel and Kirsty encounter Jack frost
  • It is the only book which has scenes in the film 'Return to Rainspell Island' but they changed the scenes a little