Amber the Orange fairy is the orange rainbow fairy. She is the second fairy Kirsty and Rachel meet on Rainspell island.


In the books- Amber is seen with slightly red hair, kept up in a high pony tail and with a side fringe. The pony tail is held up with a hair bauble made of yellow flowers. She has pale-yellow skin and wears an orange leotard with a belt which has a star on it and a see-through oange skirt around her waist. She has boots on. Her wings are long, thin and pinted and are white with an orange tint.


(left to right: Amber, Saffrom, Fern, Sky)

In the movie 'Return to Rainspell island' Amber has a high ponytail and no fringe, and wears a long top with a belt, and yellow tights instead of a leotard. She stil wears her boots. Her wings are light yellow with a pale yellow outline to them.


In the books, Amber seems to be qute emtional and timid, crying in tough situations (or stopping herself from crying...e.g when she was trapped inside the shell) But she also sees very hyperactive and young, performing cartwheels mid-air and jumping around when excited. She could be the youngest, or the 'baby' of the rainbow sisters, and seems very dependant on them. She also sems very cute and loveable.

In the films, along with being the 'baby' of the group again, Amber is also the comic relief of the group, saying very cheesy jokes and laughing hysterically, causig the rest of the fairies to shake their heads and laugh Oh Amber!


  • Amber is first seen in the second Rainbow Magic book.
  • She is found inside a shell on Rainspell beach.
  • Her name is a type of gem created by fossilised tree-sap which is orange in colour
  • Her fairy dust has bubbles in it
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